Executive Summary

Fesyen Rasa Sayang is a fashion retailer that was founded in 2012 with the basis of providing the best Muslimah clothing for both traditional and modern.

Our collection is targeted for Muslimah women age’ 30-50, right from the modest yet modern clothing suitable for festive and casual wear. The garments are designed  and  customized by us. Our clothing are categorized as affordable for majority of  Muslim woman in terms of pricing and quality.

There are total of 7 retail outlets up to date located at Seminyih, Gombak, Cheras, Hulu Kelang, Sg Besi , Shah Alam and Klang. We have online store at Lazada, 11 street, Lelong & our own official website www.rasasayang.com.my.

The Concept

Fesyen Rasa Sayang respect the culture of Malay women’s dressing standards and we understand their needs to keep up with the constant evolving fashion trends of the present generation.

What sets Fesyen Rasa Sayang apart from its competitors is that we have great emphasis in providing up to date fashion with affordable prices. Customers are able to find clothing with quality and good value and affordable clothing from us.

We strive to give our customers the best shopping experience with Fesyen Rasa Sayang not only with the products offered but in terms of service and in-store ambience. Our sales team are well trained to serve customers effectively and instil customer loyalty. Furthermore, our store creates a comfortable shopping environment to shop in.

We foresee the trend of muslimah clothing will have exponential growth in Malaysia, with the increasing of muslim consumer. Which includes the demand for Muslim fashion who are embracing their faith and confidence at the same time. Fesyen Rasa Sayang is moving forward in leading and catering for muslimah clothing.

Our Mission

Enable customers to purchase Muslimah clothing at the good value at affordable pricing range.

Our Vision

Fesyen Rasa Sayang’s vision is to become “Fesyen Muslimah Mampu Milik No.1” in Malaysia.

Our Core Value

  • Sepenuh hati
  • Inovasi
  • Bersyukur
  • Bertanggungjawab
  • Bekerjasama
  • Customer No.1