Fesyen Rasa Sayang is a Malay contemporary fashion retailer, founded in year 2009 with the basis of providing the best in Malay women’s fashion and modern Muslim apparel.

Our collections are designed suitable for all Malay women, from young stylish modern to classic modest ladies fashion wear. We also carry ladies professional career wear as well as flamboyant Malay traditional wear for festive and social events. Moreover, our designs and collections can be mixed and matched to create individual styles.

Fesyen Rasa Sayang respects the codes of ethics in the business world in building long-term relationships not only with customers, with vendors Fesyen Rasa Sayang values the same as our loyal customers. We also encourage a creative work environment for our employees, as well as a deep respect for diversity. These relationships will help to create a wholesome integrated business development and growth for Fesyen Rasa Sayang.